This is How Malta Will Deal With Cruise Liners During the Pandemic


In the coming days, after an absence of five months, the majestic Grand Harbour in Valletta will welcome the first cruise liner in over five months. In fact, MSC Grandiosa, is currently en route to Valletta after a stop-over in Sicily. One could easily say that the world’s eyes on this cruise liner since it is the first one which has also left Italy since the start of the pandemic.

Passengers on the MSC Grandiosa were tested for coronavirus before stepping on board. The ship – which has brought in an array of strict measures to limit the spread of the virus – will stop at three Italian ports and the Maltese capital Valletta on a seven-day voyage.



But How Will Malta Ensure Maximum Safety for Incoming Cruises?

Speaking on Ras Imb’Ras yesterday on TVM, Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that, the Captain and the Crew had added obligations in this new normal, adding that the certificate which a Captain is bound to present to the Maltese Authorities will now need to reflect the circumstances which are dictated by the pandemic, which includes the guarantee that none of the passengers would have tested positive BEFORE they board the vessel.

Minister Farrugia Portelli also said that if during a ship’s voyage, one person would have resulted positive to the virus, then the Maltese Authorities will not allow any passenger to disembark during the ship’s stay in Malta.


Photos: MSC / TVM / CruiseNews


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