This is How Italy’s Serie A Might Proceed Post-COVID-19


In an announcement last night, Italy’s PM Giuseppe Conte announced Phase 2 of Italy’s exit strategy following the extreme lockdown measures which have been in place for weeks.

This might also shed a light on when Italy’s Serie A will be returning. In fact, individual training can resume on the 4th May, while training in groups can resume on the 18th May. In light of this, clubs are already calling back their foreign players who chose to leave Italy and go back to their respective home countries so that they would be available for training following a 14-day Quarantine Period.

The plan is then for Serie A matches to start in the weekend of 10-12 June 2020, with games happening every three days, behind closed doors. This would see the Serie A 2019/2020 campaign ending in July, leaving enough preparation time for those teams which are participating in UEFA’s Champions League and Europa League.

The above-mentioned plan, or a tweaked version of it, is being finalised by Italy’s Sport Minister, who is currently in talks with all relevant stakeholders.