This Initiative Helps Vulnerable Children Gain Access To Free Books


To make a difference, particularly during this time of year, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) has partnered with Agenda Bookshop, Malta’s top book suppliers, to provide vulnerable children with more access to literature and books .



According to research, children who read for entertainment every day acquire a bigger vocabulary, improve their general knowledge, and have a greater understanding of various cultures. Having books about the house not only encourages youngsters to read more, but it is also an important step in ensuring their future success.


Unfortunately, despite continual improvements in Malta’s economy and way of living, some families continue to struggle to supply even the most basic essentials due to constrained resources and budgets. This deprives disadvantaged children of their small home library and convenient access to daily reading.




FSWS, together with, is asking help from the public to ensure that 90 children in need have books by 2022. Every month, will send each kid a book bundle worth €20, based on their preferences and age group. will fund half of the value (€10), and the public is encouraged to contribute the remaining €10. Depending on one’s financial situation, one can choose to sponsor a kid for a whole year or for as little as a month or two.


You can donate by visiting the following page. Donations will be followed with a certificate via email.

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