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This Ice Cream Parlour in St Julian’s has just come up with the Most Timely Flavour Ever


It has been a whirlwind of a week for international politics everywhere, mainly in the USA, as President Donald Trump left the White House for good, and President Joe Biden took over, in what was described as a victory for democracy.

Elections cause anxiety, stress, and headaches…and heart-aches for those who are really passionate. In times like these, we can only think of one thing which can make things better, and that is a nice ice-cream, to help snap us out of it, and continue living our lives.

The lovely people at Scoop in St Julian’s have come up with the perfect and timely limited-edition flavour to help us come to terms with the recent changes in America.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet ImPeachMint (get it?)

We would have never thought that Peaches and Mint can go together, until we tasted this masterpiece of a flavour! We can tell you, it’s good enough to make you forget all about Donald Trump.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Scoop – Gelato Artigianale at St Julian’s (right at the Eden Cinemas) and treat yourself! You deserve it!