This Company Will Pay You £24k Just To Play With Puppies All Day


Are you a dog person? Need some extra cash? Well, we might just have the perfect job for you!



This company is recruiting anyone who is willing to spend their days playing with puppies, earning £24,000 per year. Sound like a pretty good deal to me. is a website that sells individualized things for dogs, cats, and their owners. They’re calling the new, odd position; Chief Puppy Officer and they want to make sure their four-legged friends have the finest day ever.



While their owners are busy working at their stations coming up with new items for dogs across the country, the nine-to-five job will entail taking charge and entertaining the adorable fur kids.



The Chief Puppy Officer will be in charge of entertaining the cute fur babies such as tickling their tummies and petting them to sleep!



The chosen candidate will also be asked to do market research with each office dog, providing feedback on toys, treats, and accessories in order to assist in developing even more fantastic products.


And of course, we cannot forget chaperoning the puppers for their cute photoshoots!




Although this may sound like an easy task, will be actively searching for someone who is knowledgeable about dogs and has a good understanding of their needs. So not only will you be getting paid and making the dog’s day but this will also serve as great animal therapy!



Tasks that involve taking care of or spending time with animals help us manage loneliness and improves our mood and social well-being. While this is not available in Malta, and may not be any time soon, you can still do your part by volunteering at shelters and sanctuaries!



You do not have to get paid for doing a good deed and I assure you, the love animals are able to give you is far more rewarding than money.


If you are interested in volunteering, check out some of the sanctuaries here in Malta such as; Noah’s Ark, Animal Guardians Malta, Sunshine Animal Sanctuary and many more!


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