Things You Should Stop Telling People With Curly Hair

For some reason, many people think that curly-haired people love hearing their insight on curls. But here’s a reality check…we don’t (unless it’s the rare occasion of useful advice, of course). Curly hair is a blessing and a curse, it’s hard to handle, but it can be pretty awesome if you give it the chance to. Here are a few things people with curly hair are sick of hearing…

“Why don’t you just brush your hair?”

Ever seen someone’s hair after they get electrocuted? Seriously, if I brush my naturally-curly hair, I’ll end up looking like the ‘before’ Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries. Sorry to break it to you, but curly hair just doesn’t work that way…

“Do you curl your hair every morning?”

…Do I really look like someone who would spare an extra hour of beauty sleep just to do that?

“Ever considered a blow-dry or straightening it?”

Listen, just like the next person, I sometimes get bored of my own hair and want to switch it up a bit too, but not all the time. I like my curls (at least when they co-operate). Also I’d rather not constantly burn my hair, thanks.

Then when you actually straighten it; “it looks so much better straightened”

Wow. Yeah. Well, that’s not completely offensive at all.

“How did you manage to get it to look like that?”

This query is normally encountered on a good hair day. And my honest answer? I don’t know. It has literally never dried the same way twice in my entire life – not even if I use the same exact amount of products and the same water temperature.

“Can I touch your hair?”

No, no you may not. Why is the personal space bubble such a hard concept for humans to grasp?

“You sure do have a lot of hair!”

Wow, yes, CORRECT, thank you.

“Why do you use so many hair products?”

Well, first of all I need something to help me maintain curl definition. Then I also need something to control frizz… oh and let’s not forget volume and bounciness. Believe me, my bank account would prefer it too if I didn’t need to invest in so many products.

“You know, I can recommend a really good hairdresser”

Oh cool. And I can recommend a really great therapist that will help you learn about why you should really just mind your own business, Karen.

“Do you wash your hair every day?”

This is a very common misconception when it comes to curls. Washing curly hair daily would actually damage most locks (but don’t worry, I promise I still shower).

“I wish I had your hair”

This question doesn’t particularly annoy me, but sometimes, keep in mind that I want your hair too. We all want what we don’t have. But let’s all embrace our natural hair a little bit more, shall we?