Things We Surprisingly Miss About In-Person Lectures – One Year Later


Some of you are about to be real mad at me, but it must be said. A whole year of online lectures later, here’s what we never expected to miss about in-person lectures…


The “anyone at uni?” Texts


Smile Texting GIF - Smile Texting Lol GIFs


Little did we know something as ordinary as texting your group chat “who’s at uni” would one day be a distant memory… Long gone are the days of spontaneous quad meet-ups. Sad.


Spending All Your Stipend on Food



Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t had one in a year now but something about that canteen pizza just used to hit different.



Pretending to Pay Attention



Remember when you’d have to actually hide the fact that you’re scrolling on Insta from your lecturer? It’s just not the same when the lecturer can’t see you.


The Commute



Ok, hear me out on this one. There was something so therapeutic about being stuck in traffic listening to bops (screaming your lungs out and scaring every other driver) for an hour every day.





Another controversial opinion, I know, but the uncertainty of whether you would find parking and going around the ring road ten times in the morning really added some spice to our mornings.



Getting Dressed Every Day


Hoarding Clothes GIF - Hoarding Hoarder Cher GIFs


What’s all this stress-shopping for if all anyone ever sees is the top half of my outfits? But seriously, we had a main character moment every day rushing to get ready in time and we didn’t even know it.


Complaining With Your Classmates


Whisper Murmur GIF - Whisper Murmur Rumor GIFs


Yes, you still complain virtually to your friends, but it’s just not the same as whispering to them in person (and getting scolded for talking when you get caught).

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