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Things to look forward to that will get you through exam season

If you’re a UoM student currently in the thic(ccc)k of exam season, you might agree that this month really has been … a month.

So here’s a list of things we’re all looking forward to when exams finish, that will motivate you to push through to that ever so distant finish line.


I don’t know about you but my average night’s sleep these days is honestly shorter than most naps I usually take and there is currently truly nothing more appealing than … an 8 hour sleep *GASP*

Finally getting started on those New Year’s Resolutions

All students know the ACTUAL New Year starts on the first day of Semester 2.

Never thought I’d say this but I am looking forward to actually using that gym membership I bought last month.

(after I sleep a full 48 hours, of course)

Meals with nutritional value

Speaking of health and the gym … tell me I’m not the only one who’s been living off Nutella and cereal the past month.

Speaking to humans

As much as you love venting to your cat/dog, even they’re getting tired of listening to the constant complaining.

Leaving the house

There will be a day when you’ll go out and it won’t be for an exam and it will truly be a joyous occasion.

Not looking at a screen/books for the majority of the day

Never in my binge-watching career have I experienced eye strain like this.

… but catching up on your Netflix binges anyway

Listen, I can’t help it if Netflix decided to drop new seasons of like 10 shows this January.

And having a fresh start in Semester 2

“No more wasting time, I’m not repeating last semester’s mistakes.”