Things People Who Can’t Stand The Eurovision Are Tired Of This Week


After a peaceful two years of being free from the competition (shoutout to Miss Rona), Eurovision haters are once again bombarded with 24/7 Eurovision content and we are suffering. If you need some help empathising with your Eurovision-hating friend, this is a list of things that people who can’t stand the Eurovision are tired of hearing this week…


The song


Wanna Kill Myself The Office GIF - WannaKillMyself TheOffice MichaelScott GIFs


Point, blank, period. If I hear that trumpet hook one more time, I truly might lose it.


People mispronouncing the title of the song



I may dislike the song from hearing it a million times, but one thing I can’t stand even more is hearing ‘ĠA MA KASS’.



Little girls’ TikToks with the song


Ariana Ariana Grande GIF - Ariana ArianaGrande Nope GIFs


The speed at which I scroll past is – say it with me – astronomical. Parents seriously, please monitor your children’s TikTok use, if not for their sake for ours.


Complaints about Destiny’s outfits



Things Destiny and I have in common: taking crying selfies and being tired of people’s opinions about her outfits.



Specifically, complaints about the boots



To be fair, that boot did stay up after the (Maltese) internet roasted her the first time … so maybe you’re onto something.


The song’s ranking on different blogs



Statisticians have nothing on Maltese Eurovision stans tracking our odds across 50 different blogs.


Eurovision betting ads


ACinderella Story Christmas Wish GIF - ACinderellaStory ChristmasWish JoNewmarch GIFs


Cause gambling is never good unless it’s on a singing competition!


Ok complaints aside, we’ll let you guys enjoy your Eurovision week shame-free as Destiny slays the stage… but if I hear anything about Destiny’s wig or boots or pink outfit next week, we’re not friends anymore.

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