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Things only waiters and waitresses in Malta will understand

Anyone who works in catering would understand the patience and struggles that the job requires. We face many obstacles like fussy customers, long hours and misunderstandings, but the pay back is minimal. Here are 19 problems only waiters and waitresses face…

When a customer complains about their food not being ready… after literally 10 minutes

Comfortable shoes are EVERYTHING

We’re on our feet for hours; we don’t really care if our work shoes aren’t stylish

There are either no orders at all, or there are 10 at once… there’s no in between

When people come in the last 5 minutes before closing, thinking it’s okay

But you have to serve them anyways; otherwise you’ll get into trouble

And then you’re actually closing, but someone comes in asking if you’re closing

Can’t you see us stacking chairs?

When a client clicks or whistles at you to get your attention

This is downright disrespectful… we’re your servers, not your servants

Looking at instagrammers taking a full on photo shoot of their food

Don’t you dare complain that your food is cold…

When people order 4 cappuccinos and 3 fresh orange juice during a rush hour

Just a heads up – everyone in catering HATES making fresh orange juice

And then you experience that rare, joyous moment when the coffee machine malfunctions

Or better yet, you’re out of oranges

Getting blamed for prices or food you didn’t even make

When you try explaining something to a customer, and they ask for the manager

But that doesn’t scare you because you know the manager is going to tell them the exact same thing you did

Feeling like you’re walking on a circus wire when you’re carrying a tray full of drinks

And the absolute embarrassment if you accidentally drop it

When customers are on their phone, wanting to order, whilst still on their phone…

I’ll happily take your order, but can you get your face out of your phone?

When a customer tells you they’re ready to order, but they’re not

Or you ask them if they’d like anything else, and they say no so you print out their receipt…only for them to add something else after

Tipping is a lost art

When people want their phones on the table more than they want their food

That’s cool, I’ll just move your crap out of the way with my third hand

Your fake smile is so good, it looks real

Not to mention your fake customer voice

When the cash register malfunctions, and you get the classic “Oh, so it’s free?”

But, whenever you go to another restaurant, you automatically start helping the waiters because you feel their pain – there is a bond that cannot break you