Things Maltese boomers mispronounce that make me want to cry

Baby Boomers and I have … a complicated relationship.

I’ll get over the popcorn ceilings in all the houses they designed, I won’t even complain about having to teach them how to add an attachment to an e-mail for the 5th time this week. But some of these mispronunciations are just … unforgivable.

Gif (with a hard ‘g’)

Listen, I’m an understanding person. I’m aware it’s pretty much universally a mystery whether it’s gif with a hard or soft ‘g’. We’ll let this one slide.

(although I’ll still mention it for the sake of completeness, you know?)


You know what, this one isn’t really the worst one on the list either. I guess it can even be considered an accent thing and I’m not here trying to shame anyone’s accents.

Although to be fair you’re not supposed to say the ‘l’, but anyway, we’ll look past this one.


I just don’t understand where this one comes from, like, they’re called crisps cause they’re crispy I –


The famous mispronunciation of the boujee boomers that dabble in dips other than bigilla.


“Oh, let me get the cereal bAwl real quick. Just going to pour myself a bAwl of cereal.”

It is bowl. With an ‘o’. Where did this ‘a’ come from?


This is the big one. The best for last.

X-tray?? What tray?? Where did this ‘t’ mysteriously come from? Why does this bother me so much?? All valid questions.

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