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Things Look Strange in the Maltese Upside Down

Stranger Malta

Stranger Things season 3 officially came out and we’ve already binge-watched our way through half. Ever thought what Malta would be like if it were taken over by the Stranger Things fantasy?

Well, you don’t have to leave it up to your imagination anymore, cos we’ve created our own little version of the Maltese Upside Down!

We’ve hidden some Demogorgons in there for you, see if you can spot them all!

1. St Julian’s Love Sign

Love sign st julian's

Look at that! The Upside Down has turned the Love Sign right side up! You can actually read it properly.

2. The Floriana Granaries

Floriana Granaries

Just imagine the Isle of MTV being held in this spooky location.

3. Triton Fountain

Triton Fountain

It kind of looks like the statues are really bad at break dancing and people are throwing water at them.

4. The Umbrella Street in Zabbar

Zabbar Umbrella

Even in a spooky setting, those umbrellas still look absolutely gorgeous!

5. Balluta Bay

Balluta Bay

It all makes sense now … so that’s how the Bay ended up with no sand; gravity must’ve pulled it to the air.

6. Hal Luqa’s Monument

Nope … still looks weird. It actually looks weirder.

Did you spot all the Demogorgons?