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Things every Maltese person playing The Sims remembers doing

If you know what sul sul and woohoo mean; if you still have nightmares about the Grim Reaper or if you have years of solid experience in house design and clothes styling, then you definitely play/used to play the Sims!

If, like me, you’ve spent a shamefully long number of hours on the Sims, here are some things you will remember doing:

Gettin’ rich

Ah the good old days of motherlode!

Couldn’t afford that luxurious mansion? Wanted to be able to replace that old box in your living room with an ultra-HD flat screen TV?

Or perhaps you wanted to get your hands on the latest Landgraab gaming laptop. You know you didn’t want to wait three generations to be able to afford all that stuff so you just CTRL/Shift/C-ed your way to happiness.

Hookin’ up with your crush

Don’t even try to deny this one: At some point (possibly not your best of times) you turned your crush into a sim and got it on with them.

You then probably whipped them down the altar and produced some gorgeous looking sim babies with them!

Committing murder on your poor sims

As much as we deeply loved our sims, there comes a point when you just can’t wait any longer for that grim reaper visit.

So, you either removed that pesky ladder from the pool and drowned them; you starved them to death or perhaps you set the house on fire and removed all the doors- we really are a horrible bunch!

Building your dream house

We are now all bosses when it comes to interior design thanks to the hours we invested in building and designing our dream houses.

Learning the language

Forget Italian or French, we would’ve aced any test in Simlish! “Sul sul” (hello), “Dag dag” (goodbye) and “Nooboo”(baby) will forever be implanted in our minds.

Styling yourself out

It’s no wonder we’re so fashionable nowadays; from clothes to make-up and tattoos, our sims were on fleek.

Getting freaked out by ghosts or vampires

Seriously, how do you explain being at the park celebrating your child’s birthday and then -BAM out of nowhere- there’s the child’s great-great grandmother who died 2 generations ago?

Losing half your body weight in half a day

If your sims had eaten a few waffles or tofu roasts too many, all it took to get them back into shape was a few hours on the treadmill or 3 or 4 sessions at the gym. Anyone know how to do this in real-life, please?

Let us know in the comments which of these things you did!