Things Any Student Who Had To Do Exams Online Will Definitely Relate To

Covid-19 has cancelled many, many things, but exams weren’t one of them… Yet people do say that each year brings 365 opportunities with it…and if anything, this year brought the opportunity to seize the choice of whether or not you want to wear pants whilst sitting for exams. Needless to say, exams and assignment deadlines are FINALLY over. And with that said, here’s how online exams really went down…

You had to inform every single household member beforehand…

You know, to avoid anything unnecessary or bothersome like someone switching on a vacuum or loud (and highly pitchy) singing.

…And then naturally you had to make sure no one hogs the Wi-Fi

But hey, you did get to choose your setting

And you could also create a little bit of a calming ~ ambience ~ if you wanted to be extra with it (I may or may have not doused my entire room with lavender-scented things to help “destress”)

Not to mention being able to use the godsend creations of fans or air conditioning

This heat ain’t cute.

And if there was any year for the ‘ctrl + F’ function to rise to its prominence, it was definitely this year.

*tries using ctrl + f multiple times to find my missing motivation*

…But seriously, the whole “open-book” portion of online-exams did save our asses and, for legal reasons this is false and for comedic purposes only, some exams even became a team project.

Also, I cannot believe that one day I get to tell my future kids that in 2020, we could lay in bed watching Netflix 5 minutes before an exam.

…and then literally just opening a new tab to find your exam paper on VLE. Absolutely ICONIC.

Oh, and having snacks at hand at all times was just a glorious thing

And you could where whatever clothes you wanted to (or lack thereof), WITHOUT being judged for it

The class group chats were BOOMING

Especially at the start of online exams when literally no one knew what was going on.

And finally, watching all your friends finishing their exams before you and enjoying themselves

But at least it’s finally summer now