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Thief Offered Grocer Sex With His Wife, Then Held Him At Gunpoint


A man who stole a cash register from a grocery store held the shopkeeper up at gunpoint earlier that day after offering him sex with his wife as a settlement.


On the basis of proof that he has now reformed his ways after obtaining professional help, the thief was spared an effective prison sentence.



In December 2018, Themistocles Attard, a 49-year-old Birzebbuga resident, was arrested as the suspect in an armed robbery at a Santa Venera shop.



The armed guy had entered the shop on December 8, ordering the shopkeeper not to move while leaning across the counter, according to the business owner’s testimony in court. The burglar had rushed out of the business, grabbing the cash register and carrying €500 in cash with him.



However, the suspect had entered the business twice that day picking goods off of the shelf and informing the shopkeeper he didn’t have enough money to pay with. Instead he offered him to have sex with his wife and another woman…


The defendant first pled not guilty to aggravated stealing, keeping his victim against his will, unauthorized and unlicensed handgun possession, voluntary damage to third party property over €250, and relapse during his arraignment.



The accused, however, altered his mind as the investigation progressed, filing an admission earlier this month and then confirming it after being given time to rethink.


Given his improved behaviour and the fact that the accusations did not carry a sentence of more than seven years, the court decided that the accused may be saved from prison and placed him on a three-year probationary period.