They Found Them! Jade, Elise and Brooke Win The Bay Breakfast Hide & Seek!


13:15 was the time when a song had to come to an abrupt end, followed by the Hide and Seek Alarm because after three hours and fifteen minutes of transmission, Daniel & Ylenia were found hiding at UNO Village, Ta’ Qali!



Jade, Elise and Brooke burst into the studio empty-handed, and they left with €2,000 in cash, and three mega smiles of happiness. But how did they manage to guess the place? Let’s round up the clues!



Clue 1: Daniel and Ylenia are in MALTA

Clue 2: Pierre and Taryn give one of the letters of the location name: the Letter A

Clue 3: You’ve Probably been here at least once in your life (Given by Ira Losco)

Clue 3.1: (Daniel and Ylenia are NOT At Mater Dei or any other Hospital)

Clue 4: Palm Trees, Stairways and Passageways (Given by Ben Camille)



The girls told Daniel and Ylenia that the make-or-break moment for their mission came with Ben’s clue. They simply googled ‘palm trees, stairways and passageways’, and top Malta-related result was in fact UNO Village, and the rest is history!

We’d like to thank our winners, and the hundreds of people who were taking part in this massive competition to celebrate three years of Bay Breakfast with Daniel & Ylenia!



We would also like to thank UNO Village for making our hiding spot possible; Ira Losco, Ben Camille, The Travellers and Pierre and Taryn for their help, (even though The Travellers did not manage to give out their clue), and everyone at 89.7 Bay and Eden Leisure Group!

Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia returns on Monday!

The Bay Breakfast Hide & Seek was powered by Benna, KitKat, Berger Flexible Roof Compound, Finestral, Oxford House, Cottons and Wellbeing Bedding Collection.

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