They did it! Daniel and Ylenia were the First to Drive Through the New Marsa Flyover!


As promised, Daniel FINALLY got to experience (first-hand) the exciting and official opening of the new Marsa Flyover, alongside Ylenia, in a car driven by the Minister of Transport and Capital Projects, Ian Borg.



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A few weeks ago, on the 26th of October during Bay Breakfast, Daniel shared how he finds new and improved roads as an exciting thing to experience and drive through.



In response, Ylenia took to Instagram’s stories, hoping that Minister Ian Borg would see, to let him know that not only is Daniel a massive fan, but so much so that he deserves to be one of the first few to experience the new Marsa Flyover.



And now, a little while later on Saturday morning, both Daniel and Ylenia got to be the first people, together with Minister Ian Borg to drive through the latest flyover to be opened in Marsa.



This follows last month’s opening of the three flyovers beneath them and means that all seven of the flyovers are now officially ready and open to the public…how’s that for a Sunday drive tomorrow?

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