These Tweets About Last Night’s Semi Final Will Crack You Up


Although Twitter has sadly not taken off much in Malta (though perhaps it’s better to keep the Maltese off the site anyways), many took to the platform to express their feelings about yesterday’s show. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled this list of the funniest tweets from last night. So here they are!


This tweet, which basically sums up our reactions to any non-English songs.


This person who thinks they’ll be meeting El Diablo.


This person who’s been going through a tough time.

Same, though.



This tweet calling us out for not voting.


This person who’s tired of group assignments.


This reference to the annual Australian controversy.


Cyprus’ performance gave this person a spiritual revelation.


This person who is geographically confused (and probably referring to Malta).


This person who wasn’t very happy with Israel’s entry.

Do we sense some conspiracy theories going on?



Even some Americans tuned in apparently!


The similarity is uncanny, you have to admit.


Destiny received lots of praise – like a true QUEEN!


(We obviously agree)!



Including some praise from…


Germany’s performance confused many people …


Things that only happen in Eurovision, am I right?


Italy’s group inspired several gems, like this one…


And we had a lot of simps for the Eurovision girls.



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