These Maltese heroes are smashing it in the fight against Climate Change

As you already probably know, we are currently in a time where climate change is one of our biggest concerns. The UN’s latest report warns us yet again that doing little or nothing will only end in chaos.

This global problem calls all countries, companies and societies to solve – so are Maltese people doing anything to help this crisis?

Well from promoting second hand clothing, to planting trees… some awesome locals are really trying their utmost to save our planet, and here’s a few of them.


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Cigarettes are one of the most popular forms of waste in the world 🌍 Here’s a little project we worked on with the talented guys at @pandology and @rollingbuddy 🎨 These papers are designed to raise awareness about litter and spread some encouragement too 💚 Roll responsibly, no matter what you’re rolling 😉 📸 @pra.zina You can buy these Zibel rolling papers from any Ziggy vending machine, with profits going towards Seabins 🙌🏻 A big thank you to @ziggipapers for making this happen 👏🏽 #tyreturtle #itstartswithyou #collaboration #jahbless #rollingpapers #plastic #marinelitter #plasticawareness #waste #seabin #zibel #panda #rollingmalta #onelove #localtouch ✌🏽

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As you can probably tell from the name, Zibel is an environmental NGO made up of 5 members and a network of supporting professionals. This awesome organisation hosts activities to promote beneficial environmental practices and sustainability.

They also conduct research on our beloved marine environment and are the authorised distributor, alongside StrandMarine, for the Seabins. And to top it all off, they heavily involve the younger people in activities like clean-ups and educative campaigns (I mean hey, the children are the future, right?)

Their main aim is to develop a micro-plastic data collection system around the Maltese Islands.

The Bumble Bee Shoppee

Let us introduce you to this awesome gal trying to promote the recycling of clothing (since, you know, the fashion industry is actually a major pollutant)… @bumble.bee.shoppee and her lovely colleague collect donations of unwanted garments, and then sell them for cheaper.

Initially, they would split the profits between themselves, the donors, and a donation for a local environmental organisation. However, nowadays they are a 100% non-profit organisation and donate their funds to incredible NGOs such as Zibel and Moviment Graffiti. They also plan on collecting a sum in order to plan a tree at 34u! (how cool is that?)


Think looking stylish means buying into the latest outfits on trend? Guess again! @shannongrechstudio aims to help people realise they already have all that they need – they just have to buy less, but better quality clothing and then wear it with confidence!

Shannon also works on projects to help inspire people to dress more sustainably. She also advocates the art of sewing, and has hosted some sewing workshops that she plans to host more of in the near future.

Besides all this, Shannon also volunteers for Fashion Revolution Malta, an amazing NGO that is here to educate people about the consequences of fashion, and host fun events like repair cafes and panel discussions.


If there is anything we can never get enough of, it has to be trees! An NGO named ACT, founded by Claude Ebejer and some of his friends, aims to bring even more sustainability into the Maltese Islands.

These people got fed up of complaining and decided to actually get up and do something about it (can we get an Amen?) They are currently working towards a project called Saggar, made up of 20 people, in which they plan to grow trees and then plant them when ready in land.

Their nurseries can be found in Mgarr, and this absolutely incredible tree campaign is being done in collaboration with the QLZH Foundation.

The sustainable islander

Last but surely not least, if you are willing to learn how to control what you consume, then @sustainable_islander is the teacher for you.

This instagrammer chooses to try and adapt to our world’s needs…sourcing clothes from second hand or ethical brands, avoiding plastic, buying food in bulk, volunteering, attending protests and cleanups and much, much more!

What about you? What are you doing for our planet?


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