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These Maltese hand-made jewellery are absolutely stunning

There’s a certain delicacy in jewellery making, and the patience it takes is really admirable. Some Maltese women are making moves through this hobby, and creating some pretty spectacular pieces out of a variety of materials and tastes. Take a look at some of the locals who are killing it at handmade jewellery…


From minimal pieces, to extravagant colour bursts and bohemian-inspired jewellery…This lovely lady hand-makes the cutest earrings which are just to die for! All of her jewellery pieces are made up of dainty charms, adorable designs and some really pretty gemstones.

These gemstone hoop earrings are utterly stunning

How cute are these vibrant, Greek-inspired earrings?


This incredible artist integrates the beauty of nature with the delicacy of jewellery and transforms it all into vintage-inspired, elegant pendants.

In her pieces, she preserves natural elements such as flowers, leaves and butterflies (but don’t worry, no harm is done to nature itself in the process, and all materials used are cruelty-free and vegan…talk about attention to detail). Apart from unique jewellery, she also hand makes book marks and natural perfumes (all of which still have her typical touch of nature).

This pendant actually includes preserved butterfly wings (spreading witchy vibes all around)


This lovely lady hand makes a lot of quirky jewellery. She tends to make use of very colourful and peculiar beads, but she has also experimented with dried up flowers.

Her dainty earrings, bracelets and necklaces are nothing less than bold statements, but all of her pieces are absolutely adorable.

yep, the flowers are real


Aline is taking the old, Maltese-beloved art of crochet and transforming it into something more trendy and stylish…crochet jewellery! The crochet used also offers the classic choice of gold or silver.

Her original pieces are nothing less than bold, and she also incorporates other unique materials for jewellery, like leather, suede, semi-precious stones and tassels. Besides handmade jewellery, she also makes other accessories such as key chains and headbands.

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