These Have Got To Be The Cutest Father’s Day Posts We’ve Seen On Our Feeds

On days like today, our socials are flooded with everyone wishing their father a Happy Father’s day. Posts that celebrate the person who raised them, the person who for some, was both a father and a mother, or even the father that is no longer with us.

As we scrolled through our Facebook and Instagram pages, we saw many photos of people with their dads, but these simply caught our attention.

All those who are celebrating their first Father’s Day this year, including popular Instagrammer Danita’s husband.

It might be Danita’s 31st birthday today, but as she said in one of her stories – the best gift she could have ever received is this bundle of joy right here.

She takes the time to thank her husband, father and father-in-law for being such an amazing example to her son.

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Kindness is a trait that we need more of. To me you are the kindest man on earth. Pa today I wish you the best of days. You are funny, sweet, a loving father to Lisa, Jacqui and I and a loving grand dad to Harry and his cousin Scarlett. Happy Father’s Day also goes out to my husband Sean who has fit into his role hand in glove and to Josef my FIL who always makes us laugh and makes our day brighter. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there also those who are in Heaven and also to those who have fathers in a home and cannot visit or take them out because of this Covid situation we are in. Days like today are always very difficult for people who have lost their dads or those who can’t spend time with them like they usually do.

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Ira Losco definitely hit the nail on the head with her latest Instagram post.

“Days like today are always very difficult for people who have lost their dads or those who can’t spend time with them like they usually do,” she writes.


And on days like these we can’t help but stop and think of those who have had to play the role of both parents’ in their children’s lives…. and they did one hell of a job doing that too!

We’ve probably got to thank  Ylenia’s dad as much as she does. In a recent story she tells us how it was her father who taught her everything about and pushed her to pursue radio.

We can definitely see where her talent comes from!

We even got a sneak peak of baby Taryn on our feeds today!! Swipe right on her Instagram post to see a one year-old Taryn blowing her candles out.

So adorable!

Thank you for giving me the finer things in life…your time, your care, your love…Happy Father’s Day dear Dad!!

Publiée par Pierre Cordina sur Dimanche 21 juin 2020

Our very own Pierre’s post, showing us all the valuable things that many fathers teach us throughout our lives.

And as a bonus, you may not know this but Bay News presenter and writer Noel Zarb is celebrating his first Father’s Day, after he became a father just 2 days ago! We couldn’t help but think of him on a day like today! Happy Father’s Day to Noel, and to all the dads out there from everyone here at Bay. 

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