These Bizarre Maltese Laws Will No Longer Land You In Court


It looks like some Maltese legislations are about to get a revamp, as a number of offences are being demoted in an effort to free up the courts’ time. Instead, such contraventions will now be heard by a justice commissioner as part of a tribunal.


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Following the summer shutdown, a bill will be presented in parliament to change how these charges – 39 of them to be exact – within the Criminal Code will be heard by regional committees, rather than in a magistrate’s court.



This was reported by the Times of Malta, who also compiled a list of these rather bizarre contraventions. These offences include things like using public swings over the age of 15, running ‘violently’ in the streets, and play-fighting in the street as a joke.


Playgrounds in Malta | Fun With Kids


Not to mention that those pretending to be a fortune-teller or interpreting dreams for profit will no longer be tried in courts either. Some of these are actually serious though, like leaving a weapon in an open space or unlawful betting.



Check out the full list of contraventions below:


Cutting grass or dumping construction waste in the vicinity of fortifications;

Refusing to give information or giving false information to public officials in case of an emergency;

Allowing “insane” persons in your custody to wander at large;


Opening a public place of worship without a license;

Pretending to be fortune-telling or dream interpreting for purpose of gain;

Disturbing people’s sleep at night through rowdiness;

Disguising yourself in public;

Leaving a weapon, or an object that can be used as a weapon, in an open space;

Quarrelling in the street as a joke;

Pulling down permitted political posters;

Seeking medical services while pretending to be sick;


Leaving your spouse, parents or children in want due to indolence;

Running “violently” in the street;

Disturbing the public peace;

Public drunkenness;

Performing an activity without the necessary license;

Unlawful betting;

Using the swings in a playground if you are over 15 years old;

Using gas canons to make noise;

Fighting someone with stones and throwing stones at someone’s house;

Trying to push or use force against a person to insult or annoy them;

Throwing water or filth at people or at their houses;

Frightening people in a way that may cause them harm as a joke;

Failing to care for or report an abandoned child to the police;

Shooting doves or pigeons that belong to another person; and

Plucking and eating fruit from somebody else’s field.


Do you agree with this legal move?

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