Revealed: Malta’s most Instagrammed places this summer

Malta has been an Instagram heaven this summer.

From stunning views to grand architecture and beautiful beaches, there have been so many things to capture.

Instagram vice-president Andrew Royal told 89.7 Bay: ‘Instagram is all about passion. Users tend to share photographs that detail only the beautiful moments in their lives.

‘Compared to a popularity or rating system like TripAdvisor, we think using Instagram data is far more positive as users only embrace what is really special to them.’

So where are the most Instagrammed places in the Maltese Islands?

Based on the results of an online search, these are the top Maltese destinations according to their total number of hashtags.

How many do you already have in your own Instagram feed?


#malta = 6,297,009 posts


#gozo = 909,228 posts


#valletta = 628,576 posts


#comino = 277,758 posts


#mdina = 223,839 posts


#azurewindow = 71,137 posts


#marsaxlokk = 91,139 posts

Cover photo: Fritz Photography