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These aerial shots of Malta’s coast are jaw-droppingly good

We’ve seen incredible shots of Malta this year on our award-winning Bay Easy Facebook page.

But none of them – absolutely none – stack up to this set.

Talented photographer Francis Fenech used a drone to capture the view above three of Malta’s most popular beaches during the winter months.

Golden Bay, Riviera Bay and Gnejna Bay look jaw-droppingly stunning from the air.

Check out these images… and be careful you don’t hurt your jaw when it hits the floor.

1. Winter sunshine at Riviera Bay

2. The sun’s rays sparkle on the sea

3. Għajn Tuffieħa Tower from the air

4. The rugged Maltese coast

5. The view across Golden Bay

6. Winter in Malta looks so good

Watch the full drone video, below…

Golden Bay

Publiée par Francis Fenech Jr. sur Samedi 4 février 2017