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“Therefore I Am” – Billie Eilish’s New Song is Out Today!


Calling all Billie Eilish fans! The talented 18-year-old singer-songwriter has finally released another song entitled ‘Therefore I am.’

Billie’s first studio album came out in March 2019 receiving a lot of praise and success. She also wrote and performed this year’s Bond theme song ‘No Time To Die.’ On top of all that, her hit song ‘Bad Guy’ has just hit one billion views on YouTube.



Billie is known to be a confident and unique person and she portrays this through her music. With her bold choice of outfits and her iconic green hair roots, she’s definitely a trend-setter. After a paparazzi photo of her went viral, Billie was victim to many body-shaming comments which led to other celebrities opening up about the subject and offering their support.

Her latest release ‘Therefore I am’ definitely shines a light on this issue and depicts the confident and carefree side to her character. Shadowing ancient philosophy with the title of the song itself, Billie sends a message of positivity and self-appreciation with the catchy chorus saying “I think, therefore, I am.”



The music video simply echoes this message as she runs around an empty shopping mall, free as a bird while singing the song. With a jump in her step and her iconic baggy clothes, she helps herself to pretzels, doughnuts, and anything she comes across having the time of her life. Something which every teen aspires to be doing!

Like all of her songs, this one is nothing short of amazing, from the beat to the lyrics to her voice  – Billie never fails to impress. In times of fear and uncertainty like these, it’s this kind of positive content that brightens our days!


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