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There Won’t Be Anymore Traffic Police On Blocked Roads


The local police force will no longer oversee traffic management when roads have to be blocked.


Malta police arrests: normality and working institutions? That's a  kaleidoscopic hall of mirrors kind of statement…


The Malta Police Union expressed that the decision by the police force to stop offering the service to manage traffic when roads must be blocked was taken without any consultation.



The service would see police officers guide motorists when streets have to be closed or with access restricted due to construction or any other events.


More than half Malta's traffic police arrested for fraud |


The union shared their frustration on the matter, saying that this is to detriment the community and its members, some of which have made an extra income for their families from this service.



In a statement that was released on Wednesday, the union wrote, ‘We also remind that our members pay all taxes on this extra income according to local legislation. The MPU requested that immediately, this decision is withdrawn’.