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There Might Still Be Hope For Cafe Prego After All


Last week, the Valletta Community woke up with the news that the iconic Cafe’ Prego was to shut its doors one last time. This prompted an avalance of comments on Social media with many sharing their best memories of the place, and at one point, even the renowned egg-mayo sandwich even was in a thread here and there.

This family-run business was the first place to purchase a coffee machine from overseas and retained a steady clientele by sticking with what works.

While the Bezzinas were set on their decision, they told The Times of Malta, the third generation of the family is considering stepping in. There is also the option of letting the place gather dust and eventually turn it into a museum of sorts.



The owner of Cafe Prego, commonly known as Sonny, told The Times of Malta that Prego is going to be kept within the family.

In a piece published in today’s print edition of The Times, Patrick Bezzina, Sonny’s son, says his eight siblings and cousins are considering taking it over, even though they are not accustomed to the catering industry. In fact, Patrick, who works in an IT company told The Times of Malta that he would not run the place himself.

From now onwards, it is a waiting game, as the Bezzina Siblings and Cousins are yet to decide about Prego’s future. One thing it’s for certain, pass us that egg-mayo sandwich and that legendary coffee please!