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“There have been Days when I felt Sad and Anxious” – H.E. George Vella on Bay Chats


During this week’s edition of Bay Chats, H.E. Dr George Vella, President of Malta spoke with Drew and Noel about how the First Lady and himself were living during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

“We are under lock and key”

His Excellency told us that together with Mrs Vella are observing regulations, and avoiding complications as we continuously abide by what the health authorities are instructing us, as, in his own words, “we have to set an example.”

The President said that like many others, he too is fed up of this situation, and like many others “we are feeling that same sense of tension and anxiety that isolation brings with it.


“Everyone’s Mental Health is being affected”

The President said in these circumstances it is normal to feel a sense of depression and sadness, adding that there is nothing wrong in feeling this way, and that people should not be shy to speak up, as this is something that is affecting us all – it is affecting those children who are used to going to school and going to visit their grandparents and filling their time with extra-curricular activities; those students who do not either know what’s going to happen to their exams, or whether they will have to skip a year; those people who have lost their job due to this outbreak; and, the senior citizens who cannot go to church, or to their local band club or the village square for a chat.

These are all people who have been, and are affected mentally by all that is happening around us.



“In these weeks, I’ve had days where I felt a sense of sadness”

President George Vella said that knowing that you are not completely free to do what you want, in and of itself, “gives you a sense of depression and sadness.”


This Brings us to the next edition of Bay Chats, which will have as its guest, the Commissioner for Mental Health, John Cachia, with who we shall be talking about how has the scenario for Mental Health Issues changed in Malta during the COVID-19 pandemic. Until then, stay in, stay safe!



Photo: Reuters/Facebook/Newsbook