‘The Way Back’: Malta’s First-Ever Blockbuster Series Is Coming!


The Way Back is premiering exclusively at The Eden Cinemas for its epic official drop!


This series is the first of its kind on the islands. Self-titled Malta’s first “English speaking, blockbuster, cinematic experience”, The Way Back is definitely something we haven’t seen before.



The first season is dropping as a grand cinematic release at The Eden Cinemas. It’ll be shown in 3 parts, totalling about a 2-hour action-packed viewing experience.


To put it briefly, the film follows a group of friends in 1980’s Malta exploring a failed 40-year-old government experiment. There’s a shady ice-cream company, a lost mother and all the Maltese nostalgia you’d want as well in the mix.



The brain behind blockbuster series is DIFYRENT a local growing production company focusing on high-end large scale film and television productions. And the brain behind DIFYRENT is Dylan Odom, who is also Executive Producer of the series.


“We made The Way Back because we wanted to create something for people like us, who wanted to see this type of sci-fi adventure movie made in Malta. Basing it in 1981 was an obvious choice from our end, seeing as we can take our audience on a trip to a time in which we all might want to go visit.”


Series director, Maria Grech also echoed how we’re currently feeling about the series quite well.


“We’re just all super excited for everyone to watch these months of pure lightning in a bottle come to life on the big screen”



That’s all we’ve got so far about The Way Back but you can keep up with all they’re doing on their Instagram.


We’ll see you at the premiere 👋