The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz Teases Return Of Classic Character In Spin-Off Movie


The Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz has hinted at the intriguing way his character Sgt Abraham Ford could be making his return to the iconic franchise, adding, It absolutely has been discussed.’


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I know, I know…the idea of Abraham making a comeback seems a bit unusual to long-time fans since he was very much killed at the hands of Negan in season seven, alongside Glenn.



More recently, Cudlitz has been welcomed back to the show as a director and has hinted several times that viewers may not have seen the last of Abraham, despite his horrid death.


The Walking Dead director Michael Cudlitz on if Abraham had survived |


In a recent interview with ComicBook, Cudlitz revealed that the discussions he’s had with TWD boss Scott M. Gimple haven’t involved a one-off backstory episode for Abraham like the show is doing for Negan this season…



Cudlitz then confirmed, ‘I think Scott Gimple actually leaked something about that… And what they’re talking about doing, from my understanding, what they’re talking about doing with Abraham is, he would be part of one of the films, to the movies, the little bit of a longer format.’


Michael Cudlitz Returns To Direct The Walking Dead This Week


‘Again, who knows. Nothing is 100%. But it absolutely has been discussed. And not just as a wishlist from my side. It’s been discussed by the people that actually make it happen.’



Meanwhile, AMC already announced that Andrew Lincoln will be returning as Rick Grimes in his own film but the rest of the franchise’s plans remain shrouded in mystery.


The Walking Dead director Michael Cudlitz on if Abraham had survived |


But we will say that the story of how Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene found each other on the road in the early days of the apocalypse would make for a pretty interesting prequel!

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