Which type of Maltese office worker are you?

When you spend the majority of your day at work, you spend a lot of time dealing with colleagues.

Some you like, some you don’t, but do you have any of these characters in your office or work place?

1. The Office Mamma Bear

Ever wondered what your nanna was like when she was younger?

They come into the office with a tray of food for your team, they’re always there to listen to your problems when you’re in need, and they make your working place feel like home.

2. The Master of Complaining

You could bring them a meal prepared by a Michelin star chef for lunch, and they’d still complain about how small it is.

While others like the finer things in life, this one just likes to complain about them.

3. The Workaholic

Will they be joining you for lunch? Probably not… but truth be told, they’re the ones who keep the company going.

Thanks for all the hard work guys! We’ll raise a glass for you at the bar next door. Pity you won’t be there.

4. Your Work Bestie

Apart from earning money, these people are your reason for going to work. You spend every non-working minute at work together, just like best friends do.

Your resignation letter is written and ready to go, just in case they give in theirs.

5. The Chatterbox

You’ve just sat down at your desk and you haven’t even prepared your morning cup of coffee yet. In they rush to talk about the most ridiculous or uninteresting thing you’ve ever heard of.

Please, just go back to your office and don’t come back before 5 pm.

6. The Office Barista

What started off as a kind gesture of offering to make you a cuppa, has now become an everyday routine.

Do they regret putting themselves in that position? Most probably. Will it ever change? We really hope not.


TAG a colleague who makes the cut from this list.

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