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The Travellers Open Up About Their Latest Album ‘Inżul u Tlajja’ On Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


Beloved, local band The Travellers might have kept everything on the down low throughout the pandemic, but it turns out that they were just working on something much greater – and their secondary vocalist Andrew Vella just spilled all of that to Jake on Malta’s Top 10…



Vella revealed that the band used their COVID-19 times to build their set-up, and Vella collaborated with main vocalist Chris Gatt to bring about their latest track and upcoming album Inżul u Tlajja’!


Fans of the Travellers were even treated to two new singles and music videos recently, but we wonder… where does the inspiration come from? Well, Vella revealed that ‘it depends, every song has a story of its own’. One of the tracks, Inżul u Tlajja’, was more of a light-hearted, fun song.



Contrastingly, Il-Biża’ was consciously written to reflect ‘life experiences’ as well as personal emotions. It aims to send a message of hope. As Andrew remarked: ‘Although there’s a lot more awareness on mental health, I think that even though things are getting better, they can be even better. I think the more awareness there is, the better. I went through a personally tumultuous time, and it was hard to cope, and that time played a big factor in writing the song.’


Speaking about the band and their sole focus on making Maltese music, Andrew discussed the challenges the band faces: ‘I’ve always believed that it’s not the language that makes the song… a song is good because it makes the listener feel something.’



‘In some way, it connects to them. I don’t know why Maltese songs don’t become hits – but it’s the artist and how he is capable of connecting to his audience through his voice and song-writing that makes a track a good song.’, he added.


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