The Top 10 Figolli Of 2021


Easter has finally landed which means it’s time to bust open those Easter Eggs that have been tempting us all week… Alexa, play ‘Buss It’ by Erica Banks. Anyways, in honour of Easter Sunday, we’re ranking up some of our favourite (and most Instagram-able) figolli of the year…


A Pandemic-Themed Figolla



Okay, this goes first because you just know someone HAD to do it – and if someone didn’t, I would’ve honestly been disappointed. In other words, we stan the rona figolla made by @carolinsta.


The Sophisticated Figolla 



If the booming 2016 trend of rose gold had to be a figolla, it would be this one by @audriennef, and we’re 100% here for it! Bonus points for being vegan.



These Minty Figollas



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@ericaaake is serving us some artsy-earthy vibes all the way from Germany, with a hint of peppermint-flavoured candies mixed with white chocolate. Yum!


The Bite-Sized Figolli



We might not be able to share our figollis this year, but @oureventstylist came up with the perfect solution, and they look delicious too!


The Practically-Decor Figolla



Going onto some Eastern-European-esque-inspired figollas, @mattscibberras has delivered some straight-up edible art with this one!


The ‘Colours Of The Islands’ Figolla



If the Mediterranean colours had to be summed up in a figolla, it would be this one by @camillerithomas, and needless to say, it’s absolutely stunning!



The Classic Figolla



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Personally, I’ll take a good ol’ hearty chocolate-covered figolla over an icing one any day, so this one by @altheadesire is a true winner in our books!


These Easter-Themed Figolli



Okay, how ADORABLE are these speckled egg-shaped figolli by @thesweetbalance? It’s the pastel colours for me!


The Too Pretty To Eat Figolla


I’m pretty sure this figolla by @pastrychef_a_piccini makes him the CEO of edible art. Wig? Snatched.



The Patriotic Figolla 


Last but not least, we have these STUNNING and brilliant Maltese tile-inspired figolli by @thelazarusclub which are honestly the exact type of extra that we strive for. 10/10 for creativity.


Which one was your favourite?

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