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The stages we all go through while waiting for our exam results

Exam results malta

You’ve finished your exams and have been enjoying your summer for a while, but at the back of your head you know that it’s not over until the results actually come in.

Try as you might to forget about them, we’ve all been through these stages while waiting for that dreaded message.

Counting the marks you know you’ll definitely have

You’ve just finished writing your exam, now it’s time to go through it and calculate if you’ve known enough to pass.

The sigh of relief after your last exam

Ok, you’ve got around a month of summer to fully enjoy before the exam result anxiety starts kicking in.

Forgetting that you’ve actually done exams

Summer is great and you’re loving every single second of it. It’s like you’ve never done the exams in the first place.

July starts and the dreaded wait begins

Result month is here. You feel like you’re gonna sh*t yourself every time your phone message notification pops up.

Pondering what taking a gap year would be like

If anyone asks … just tell them you’ve decided to take a year to just focus on yourself, figure out what you really want in life.

Looking for full-time jobs that require little to no qualifications

You’ve got a few weeks to get your results … time to weigh all your options.

Looking at memes to alienate yourself from the fact that results are coming soon

What’s better? Laughing at whatever the internet has to offer? Or worrying about results before you get them?

Giving yourself the most motivational of pep-talks

Your results aren’t the only thing that matter.

Think of all the unknown skills you possess. The amount of songs you know the lyrics to … the perfected skill of drawing winged liners so sharp, that even looking at them would give you a paper cut.


You’ve come to terms that no matter what the results are, you’ve tried your best and you can handle whatever your results turn out to be.

A big well done to all students who have received their exam results. We hope you’ve smashed it and that your hard work paid off!