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The Stages Of Getting Your Assignments Done During Quarantine

Because apparently this “online school” thing involves “school” …

Panicking at the amount of assignments that have been added all of a sudden

A moment of silence for all the students that prefer exams over assignments. We’re thinking of you.

^ actual footage of me checking my to do list.

Trying to find a crumb motivation

If this pandemic has shown us anything it’s that we can all be locked in the house with nothing but schoolwork to do … and still not want to do it.

Trying to coordinate group assignments over Video Call

One of you has been frozen for the past 5 minutes, the other one’s camera is covered, and you all keep accidentally talking over each other.

Getting 5 minutes of work done before getting distracted

What just walked past your window? Was that a group of FOUR?

Making a quarantine snack

You know, you need your brain food.

Doing a home workout

You have to get your hour of daily exercise in! Also, that was your fifth “snack” of the day so …

Getting lost down a TikTok rabbit hole

Next thing you know you’re trying to teach yourself how to throw it back and looking up what the cake emoji means.

Going on Insta and getting tagged in 5 different bingos

Will everyone skip through your 10-part story? Definitely. Are you going to post it anyway? Absolutely.

Despite being home 24/7, somehow managing to leave it all for the day before and pulling an all-nighter to finish it.

But you’re not going anywhere tomorrow, so you can sleep in!