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The Stages of Christmas Shopping


It’s officially that time of year again – Christmas! Ah yes, a season full of joy and cheer, Christmas trees, thoughtful gifts, and some pretty dense calories… However, since we can’t celebrate like we used to, people are finding new ways to feel festive as they adapt to this new reality. But COVID surely hasn’t cancelled Christmas shopping, and given the shipment delays, we must think fast. So, here are the stages we all go through whilst attempting our annual Christmas shopping…


Making a List & Checking it Twice



Christmas shopping always starts off the same, with excitement and motivation kicking in mid-November, which leads to to-do lists and organising who to get what, where, and when – so far, so good



What List?



A couple of weeks have gone by now, and you’ll quickly realise that you’re not as organized as you thought you were. Your list and motivation? Gone. You’ll also notice you have lost all chances to shop online, so you’re going to have to compromise half of your gift ideas. It was bound to happen…


Remembering You Haven’t Done Your Shopping Yet



Christmas is approaching and you haven’t found the time to buy anything. Frankly, it’s a chore you need to get done…but compared to Netflix and anything else on your agenda – it’s at the bottom of your list and the thought haunts you every time you pass by the roundabout Christmas lights…



Actually Doing Your Shopping



Just kidding. It’s now T-1week to Christmas and you managed to find the time to go to the mall, only to realise that everything is expensive and you’d rather just buy yourself something instead. This is when you realise that your initial list was all wrong and that your coworker didn’t get you a gift last year, and your other friend didn’t show up for your birthday party, so why should you go through the trouble of buying a gift? Tgħid mhux hekk!





After your first unsuccessful trial run where you only bought the mandatory Secret Santa gifts, you decide to give it another go. But it’s now the day before Christmas and the clock is ticking. You have now realised that you do not need all this stress and you go home with a bag of Christmas cards and several One4all vouchers – Aħjar mix-xejn!