The stages every student at UOM went through during this week’s power-cut

Fortunately, everything is back on now, so you can to read this

The initial reaction

Maybe we’re just a very expressive group, but everyone in the lecture hall suddenly gasped and went very silent for a few seconds.

Finishing the lecture early

 I would like to thank not only God but also Jesus for this blessing.

^ actual footage of me leaving the lecture

Every other lecturer cancelling too

Then realising the vending machines are off …

and so is the microwave … I mean, the one time I bring food with me I swear.

^ me calling the police because this is an EMERGENCY

and to top it all off, all the coffee machines are down …

 Eduroam is dead and for some reason my data’s struggling too

 And speaking of phones … how will we charge them now?

 What am I supposed to do when my battery runs out? Talk to people??

Basically, the apocalypse is upon us.


 Then the lights came back a few hours later and we actually survived.


crisis averted, everyone

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