The stages every Maltese student goes through during exam season

Exam season is upon us, which means many students are locked up in their homes, “studying” for the exams to come. We’ve all been there at some point and know the pains a bit all too well…

Here are some memes that perfectly represent the life of every Maltese student studying for exams right now.

Studying before your exam

Ok .. so it’s time to start this chapter and you’ve given yourself an hour, two tops to finish it … no excuses, no shenanigans, just your full and undivided focus

Guess that could’ve gone better, but not to worry, now you’ve really got this, nothing and no one will pull your attention away from these notes for the foreseeable future

grammy for studying

Yep, it’s been a whole half hour; you’re doing this, you deserve a pat on the back, if you keep studying at this rate you’ll be done with this chapter by mid summer.

Not that you’ve been doing much lately, but your procrastinating ways are stressing you out … you have to focus, you have to give your undivided attention to the notes in front of you, but you also have to binge watch the season of that series you started a few days ago …

lavender reduces stress

How the hell are you going to fit in weeks worth of pages in one night???!!!?? “Mia cupla, mia culpa, mia massima culpa”

night before exam

The night is anything but young, and with time ticking away, there’s really only one question on your mind …

When it’s time to sit for the exam

Well, now it is what it is … may the odds be ever in your favour

Time to face the music … you walk into the exam, find the desk with your name on it, sit down and wait those awkward five minutes until they distribute the papers. Or even worse, they distribute the papers but you can’t turn it around and read the questions until they tell you to. Once it’s time to start, you read the questions and find that…

what you only know in the exam

Did you even cover that? Are you in the wrong class? Is this some kind of twisted joke from the lecturer’s side? You must be in the wrong exam … but then your name wouldn’t be on the desk would it? Just take a deep breath and re-read the question … you’ll manage, come on!

Show offs … how are they on to the next one when you’re barely through half? Check if they’ve got panic in their face, if they do, it means they had to start over which should soothe your soul a bit, but don’t make it too obvious or the invigilator might think that you’re copying …

yeaaah, that’s right, throw a little fancy words in there, writing to impress. Maybe if you add at least two of them in every paragraph you’ll get brownie points … wait how do you spell simultaneously again?

You’re minding your own business, revising a section of the paper (if you even got time for that) and see something that might need to be changed … not sure though … should you risk it? should you leave it?? decisions, decisions …

Just a few minutes to go, but your writing is flowing now … why did inspiration have to hit you in the last half hour??

After your exam

Exam done, which means you are one step closer to summer. You can finally put all you’ve learned in a tiny little corner at the back of your brain and forget about the exam until the results …. or not.

Back home, with most of your exams done at this point, and with just one or two to go, you can sit alone, contemplating life, while all of your friends are already enjoying their summer because they don’t have any exams left …

No matter how much you’ve procrastinated, when it comes down to it, you know you’ve been working hard. A bit of a sacrifice now and you’ll enjoy your summer in full.

We believe in you! A huge good luck to all students studying for their exams.

Tag someone who know the pains of studying for exams a bit all too well!

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