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The stages all students go through when it rains at the University of Malta

Because I write an article complaining about every slight meteorological abnormality.

Everyone flocks to canteen

Honestly this is lowkey a call for suggestions as to where I can have my lunch BECAUSE WHEN I SAY CANTEEN IS PACKED …

It is packed. Please help.

(and if it’s going to be that packed, I fully expect us to AT LEAST do a quick High School Musical dance number, as shown in the gif, thank you)

Staring at the rain for a good three minutes before you leave

The crowd that builds up near the canteen entrance because people just. won’t. go. out.

Why the confusion? Yes, it’s raining. What is the question, ma’am?

Going out into the wild for 3 seconds and being soaked for the rest of the day

And complaining about it to everyone you meet for the rest of the day

Your umbrella breaking the second you go outside

Maybe it’s Jesus further testing your patience, or maybe it’s the gale-force winds …

(I felt a bit hypocritical writing that because at the time of writing it hadn’t yet happened. Update: it happened.)

Walking across the flooded subway

RIP your shoes.

Everyone gasping mid-lecture at how loud the rain suddenly got

“Yes, it’s raining” – every lecturer when this happens, thinking they’re comedians.

Daydreaming all day about being warm, in bed at home

LISTEN … no one loves rainy weather more than I do … BUT only on the condition that I am not actually in the rain, getting soaked.