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‘The Sound of Music’ Star Christopher Plummer Dies at 91


The Canadian-born actor, Christopher Plummer, who famously starred in The Sound of Music, has passed away on Friday at 91 years old.


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His long-time friend and manager shared, ‘Chris was an extraordinary man who deeply loved and respected his profession with great old fashion manners, self-deprecating humor and the music of words.



‘He was a national treasure who deeply relished his Canadian roots. Through his art and humanity, he touched all of our hearts and his legendary life will endure for all generations to come. He will forever be with us.’


Plummer was best known for his role as Captain von Trapp in the Oscar-winning and sensational musical, The Sound of Music. He was also known for Beginners, Up, Madeline, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and many more.



A part of his heart also remained in the theatre, where he triumphed as Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello on Broadway in the early ‘80s, as well as Macbeth opposite Glenda Jackson, and much more.



Although Plummer started off on-stage in 1948, he then made his first debut in film in 1958, but 1965’s The Sound of Music remains to be his most widely seen and beloved film. Plummer then returned to Broadway in 1982.


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More recently, Plummer played Charles Muntz, an old man on a mission to revive his late wife’s dream in Pixar’s tear-jerking animated motion picture, Up.