The Silver Lining: Air Pollution in Malta Down By 70%

Not being able to leave your home due to Covid-19 is taking a toll on many of us, but at least, there’s a silver lining to this otherwise sh**ty situation (that’s not just having all the time in the world to binge-watch series and learn a bunch of new skills.)

Readings taken during morning rush hour in the period before and after measures were enforced by the government, show a drop of 70 per cent drop in Nitrogen dioxide emissions (noxious gas emitted by motor vehicles). That means that air pollution levels have drastically declined in the past month and experts have been pointing the change to less traffic on the roads given that schools are shut and more people are workng from home.

Mark Scerri from the Institute of Earth Systems said: “It is difficult to quantify with what’s available, but my gut feeling is that closing down the schools, together with other measures to control the spread of COVID-19 have de facto decreased traffic flows and hence the level of the associated air pollutants.”

Readings that were taken during the morning rush hour period between February 19 and March 15, had a high of  70 μg/m3. When the same reading was taken between March 16 to 19, the average high was 20 μg/m3.

Guess you can always find a silver lining to anything, if you look hard enough.


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