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The Queen celebrates 67 years on the throne

The Queen is marking 67 years on the throne this week.

Princess Elizabeth was just 25 and thousands of miles from home on a Commonwealth tour of Africa when she became Queen.

She took over the throne on February 6 1952 following the death of her father, King George VI, who awarded the George Cross to Malta.

Her coronation took place 16 months later at Westminster Abbey in June 1953.

Gun salutes will be fired in London’s Green Park and at the Tower of London to commemorate The Queen’s 67th anniversary.

Here’s a look at the Queen in numbers:

16 – Countries of which the Queen is monarch – the UK and 15 Commonwealth realms, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

6 – The number of official visits the Queen has made to Malta during her reign, the last being in 2015.

21 – Age when she married the Duke of Edinburgh.

22 – The number of visits to Canada, the largest number of trips she has made to any nation.

25 – Age when she became Queen.

67 – Years on the throne.

30 – The number of corgis the Queen has owned during her reign.

8 – The Queen has eight grandchildren, Peter, William, Zara, Harry, Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise and James.

7 – The number of Popes since the start of her reign.

24,472 – Days on the throne on February 6 2019.

71 – Years of marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh.

1.45 million – Approximate number of people who have attended garden parties at Buckingham Palace and Holyrood Palace since 1952.