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“The Quality of Music In Malta Has Increased Recently and We Need to Keep The Momentum” – ANT on Malta’s Top 10 with Jake


From the DJ in the clubs, to a signed artist releasing some great tracks. This is how we would describe Ant if someone had to ask us. Luckily for us, earlier this week, Ant was Jake’s main guest on Malta’s Top 10.

“For me, releasing music was always something I wanted to venture in, so when I got the opportunity to release my first single with Armada Music, I went for it straight away,” Ant said when Jake asked him how he decided to shift from DJ-ing to release-ing.



Ant told Jake that he worked on the production of ‘Everyday’ myself but then, for his next single, which was ‘Hopes’, “I wanted to collaborate with a local upcoming artist, Luke Chappell – which was a long-time ambition of mine. He came up with the lyrics, I showed him the song and we got on the track together.”



“When I showed it to Luke, he knew it was something he wanted to go for, to show his versatility, which is good because I knew Luke would be perfect for the song,” Ant said.



Asked about his future plans, Ant said he is currently working on new music with his team and he is also looking forward to new collaborations, by ‘quite a few artists’ who are coming in the music.

Jake also spoke with Ant about the local music industry in general, and what the way forward for the local scene is. Ant said that “at the moment the quality of local music has definitely increased and the songs which are coming in are of a very high quality.” He also shared his thoughts about the way forward for the local music industry in general.



“Everyone should maintain the quality level of new music as it is now, in the hope that one day, hopefully soon, Maltese music can make it on an international level,” Ant said, whilst adding that reality shows such as The X Factor and Malta’s Got Talent are also helping in discovering new talents – new talents which now are an integral part of our local industry, and a fixed feature on Malta’s Top 10, Mondays at 9:30pm with Jake, on 89.7 Bay!