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The Police Issue A Statement About THAT TikTok Video, Also Confirming That An Investigation Is Underway


As earlier this week, many looked in disbelief at what was unfolding in Floriana, a TikTok Video of a Policewoman in Uniform, started doing the rounds on Social Media. Controversy ensued, with some stating that they were receiving threatening calls from people who said they were calling from the Police Force, for it to be taken down.

In a statement, the Malta Police Force has denied that any order was given for the Police to get in touch with Pages Administrators for the Footage to be taken down.

Giving more information about the video itself, the Police confirmed that this was uploaded on the Police Constable’s TikTok Profile, by herself, on Saturday 23rd May 2020.

That same day, as the Administration of the Malta Police Force was made aware of it, the Constable was asked to take it down, and an investigation by the Police’s Internal Affairs Unit was underway.

Whilst reiterating that the only person that was spoken to was the person who was in the video and subsequently uploaded it, the Police said that action will be taken against any member of the Police Force would have abused of his or her position, and made contact with person, or persons, and ordered for the footage to be removed.


Photo: Times of Malta