The Police Arrest Five People In Relation To Drug Trafficking


The Drug Squad within the Malta Police Force, have arrested five persons, in three separate drug-trafficking operations.

In the first operation, in Tarxien, a 43-year old man was arrested after the Police observed him handing suspicious substances to other persons. The Police arrested the man, and after searches which were carried out in the car he was driving, they found various sachets containing cocaine and heroin. He was arraigned in court this morning, where he admitted the charges and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, and a 500 Euro Fine.



In the second operation, in Cospicua, the Police arrested a 23-year old man, and a 33-year old man, after reports it had received about a suspicious vehicle. In the vehicle, the police found cannabis and cocaine.

In a third operation, the Police followed another vehicle, in Kalkara. A 30-year old man, and a 37-year old man were arrested, after the Police found cocaine and cannabis in their vehicle.

Investigations regarding the second and third operation are still underway.


Photos: CMRU Police

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