The pains and perks of watching Malta-Spain live in Ta’ Qali

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The Malta-Spain match was a heated one with so many people attending to watch it live. Our feeds were flooded with people asking for tickets a mere hour before the match started. It was THE place to be.

Wanting to know what all the hype was about, I joined the herd for the first live football game I ever attended, and here’s what really grabbed my attention.

1. It took some time to get into the stadium, but the wait was worthwhile

With all the people attending, this is quite understandable, but I honestly had no idea it would take me an hour to get in and two to leave the stadium and go home.

But as soon as you enter the stadium, the good vibes just hit you and you’re filled with energy. I could instantly tell that this was going to be a night to remember.

2. I could barely fit into the narrow passage-way to enter the seating area

There were a bunch of people who had to turn sideways to actually fit through the narrow passage-way between entrance and seating area, and I was one of those people.

You could see everyone in a single file, worrying about how they’re going to fit while waiting their turn. It really was a sight for sore eyes. The only people who actually made it through without having to adjust themselves, were kids, and skinny people.

3. There were no replays

Now this came as a complete shock to me, it really did. Not having the best seats in the stadium, and having people in front of me jump up and shout at the top of their lungs when the opposing team scored, meant that I missed a goal… or two. Ok, I missed both goals.

So I was looking for that replay on the screens, just so I could relive the moment, just like I would when I’m watching a game from home. But nope, didn’t happen.

Stadium people, if you’re reading this… can you help a girl out for the next match? TIA.

4. People were taking out packed lunches from their bags and I got insanely jealous

I mean… why the hell didn’t I think of that? That is such a smart move! This match would’ve been 50 times more entertaining if I had some of my favourite snacks to munch on.

5. Couldn’t update my 450 Instagram followers with my whereabouts as there wasn’t reception

They must’ve been so worried!

Jokes aside, with so many people in the arena, reception was a no-go. You could see people with phones in hand, and hand in the air, praying that their phones would get enough reception to post that Instagram story.

But hey, that worked in my favour, cos I could really enjoy the game and the amazing atmosphere that was there.

6. You could hear Maltese people going off at the Spanish players … in Maltese

This particularly cracked me up, because there was no way that the Spanish players were understanding a word being shouted at them.

But it really did put a smile on my face, hearing everyone swear the Spaniards’ heads off.

7. The atmosphere was amazing and I would definitely go again

I have to admit, it was an amazing experience. Although I had to put up with what, after recapping it in my head, seemed to be a series of first world problems, I don’t regret it one bit.

Granted, Malta lost, but it truly was an experience to remember, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, to support local, talented, and good looking football players.

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