The Oxford House Hide & Seek: ALL Clues Revealed




The Oxford House Hide & Seek is officially over. We had people driving and running all over Malta trying to find us and you finally managed to track us down hidden all the way in the outskirts of Kalkara.


First off major congratulations to our winners of the €2000 cash prize, Doreen, Joseph and Maya! They played the game well and got to us first with the 2 clues from James Ryder and Pierre & Taryn. Props to them!


Big big thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s edition. We hope you all had fun playing along with us because we definitely had a blast! We’re also taking in all feedback from this year and making sure that each year’s edition is even better than the last – so, thank you again ❤️


Now on to to the big questions from today: our clues. Keep reading to see how each clue could have led you to our location, and what clues were there left that we hadn’t revealed yet.




“Say a prayer for the departed on your way here” We were located just down the road from the Plague Cemetery in Kalkara!




“Knock before you enter” This was a simple clue indicating that we were somewhere inside, and you had to quite literally knock before you entered the trailer.




“Fly over to get here” James Ryder’s Clue: from the University of Malta (where Ryder gave you the clue!) most people would have to go through the Marsa flyover to come to our location.




“Only 1 way in 1 way out” Our location was just off a dead-end road 😉




“You will find Daniel and Ylenia boxed in” Daniel and Ylenia were literally in a box (the trailer)!




Never Eat Spicy Wasabi” Pierre & Taryn’s Clue: The first letter of each word was in bold as a code for North East South West. E and S were also highlighted, referring to the region we were in on the island, South-East.




“Can you hear the shots? Daniel and Ylenia can.” We were just between two fortifications, Fort Rinella and Fort Ricasoli, both known for doing demonstrations of gun shooting for visitors.




“You’ll find all types of body parts on your way here.” Body parts, referring to car body parts as there was a scrapyard just down the road from us.




“Has anyone seen that girl from ‘2 weeks to live’ around here?” Maisie Williams is the main actor from the film ‘2 weeks to live’, who is also Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. Just down the road from where we were was used as a filming location for King’s Landing from the show.


CLUE #10


“We’re looking forward to sea you ;)” Jamie, Alisa & Miguel’s Clue: We were literally looking forward to the sea from our trailer!


CLUE #11


“Missier Putattiv” Our final clue, referring to St. Joseph, the saint celebrated in the feast of Kalkara.


Thanks again to everyone for playing along, and we hope that next year we can show off more of our clues! 😅


Also massive thank you to Oxford House, Decathlon Malta, ERA, and Wellbeing Bedding who made this event possible!


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