The New Victorians Announce their Maltese Debut with Lapes


The resident sister-duo are planning to continue taking the Maltese music industry by storm as they announced their first single for the year – in Maltese, and Malta’s Got Talent’s “Lapes,” who we had the pleasure of interviewing on Bay Chats, will be joining them in this venture as a collaborator on the track. 

The New Victorians announced their debut in Maltese music earlier today on their socials. The announcement featured the singer-duo with the rapper teasing a new single called Min Jaf.


The pair shocked their fanbase a couple of weeks back when they showed off their new look on their socials to open the new year. They donned a fresh long bob and blue attire, but they also teased something other than just the new hair. 

No one can claim that this was an expected announcement by any means, and we’re all beyond curious to see what a blend of TNV and Lapes looks like. Lapes is the break-out star from last year’s Malta’s Got Talent that left us on the edge of our seats with each new performance. What is for sure, is that we’re eager to hear the mix of theatrical melodies and candid raps that the now trio can bring to the table.  



Now that they’ve delivered on their promise, we can’t wait but see what the future holds for them. More importantly, we can’t wait to hear how they’ll translate their vibes and melodies to Maltese. 

TNV bil-Malti? … Mela Le! Anzi, Grazzi!


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