The New Facial Trend Of 2021…Will You?


Move over glitter beard trend, there’s a new trend in town… say hello to the monkey tail facial trend!



A month of 2021 hasn’t even passed yet, but a weird trend is already on the rise – I guess all of that time spent inside over the ongoing pandemic is finally taking its effect, huh?



Anyways, it’s called the ‘monkey tail beard’, and it looks exactly like the name would suggest, if not worse. It’s literally shaped to look like a monkey’s tail curling around one’s face, starting off as a sideburn and curving under the chin and around the lip, then finishing off with a moustache.



I’m guessing this trend was created by someone who shaved one chick and a small patch below his lip… But hey, at least we’re only mostly seen through Zoom, so it’s alright to shake things up at the moment.



This style can also be traced back to 2019, when MLB baseball player Mike Fiers trimmed his beard in this way, obviously amusing his teammates and the rest of the audience. He shared, ‘They dared me to do it. They didn’t think I’d go out there and pitch with it. I didn’t care.’



I mean, if clipping a monkey’s tail into your face brings some joy to you right now, I say go for it, it’s now or never.

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