The mystery’s been uncovered: here’s why Ronaldinho is actually coming to Malta


Speculation has been going around that Ronaldinho is visiting Malta to sign with Birkirkara FC, but his brother Roberto Assis claims that this is not the case.

Ronaldinho apparently intends on visiting Malta solely to promote his new brand of wine and to play in a Footvolley tournament.

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Sempre com carinho ⚽ ??

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Ronaldinho’s Maltese lawyer also had something to say about the matter,

“Mr. Ronaldo De Assis Moreira’s agent was called by a Birkirkara Football Club official to express the interest of the club in having Ronaldinho joining the club for the coming season, however this request was rejected instantly”.

Guess you can’t really blame Birkirkara FC for trying can you? I mean … the guy is an absolute legend.

At least, if we don’t get to see Ronaldinho play with a Maltese team, we get to give his wine a taste or two.